“OMG! This book is the perfect way to introduce the essence of mindfulness to kids”—Jay Michaelson

Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts

“This book elegantly (and sometimes disgustingly) explains a concept that it takes most people their entire lifetimes to learn: mindfulness. Every kid should have this read to them. Every person should read this!”
—Emily V. Gordon, writer and producer

“I wish I had had this funny, thoughtful book growing up as an anxious child. Maybe I’d be less stressed about writing this blurb. I am SO stressed writing this blurb. Can one of you please write it for me?”
—Megan Amram, TV writer, The Good Place, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation

“It’s funny because it’s true! A delightful child’s point of view of a truth adults need to commit to memory; thoughts are not facts.”
—Richard LaGravenese, screenwriter, The Fisher King and The Bridges of Madison County

Mindfulness for Kids

Introducing a funny and gross book about mindfulness for kids – Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts! As parents, we often struggle with helping our kids deal with nightmares, fears, and anxieties that creep into their daily lives. There’s a way to teach kids to make friends with their minds and not fear what’s inside? This book is the answer!

Parents Love it!

Parents who have read Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts have nothing but positive things to say about it. They love how the book uses humor and relatable examples to help their kids understand complex ideas like mindfulness. The book has been praised for its ability to teach kids how to deal with negative thoughts in a fun and accessible way.

Mind the Laughs

Curious about what Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts has to offer? Check out the book trailer! This short video will give you a taste of the humor and illustrations that make this book a hit with kids and parents alike. Sit back and relax and enjoy this timeless classic.

Hilarious Outtakes

If you thought the book was funny, wait until you see the hilarious outtakes! Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts is a labor of love, and the author and illustrator have shared some of their funniest moments with readers. Get ready to laugh out loud!

Award Winner

Get to know the award-winning illustrator, cartoonist, and writer, Phil McAndrew! Learn about his background, his inspirations, and his impressive portfolio of work. Discover the books he has authored and illustrated, as well as the graphic novels and publications he has contributed to.

Gross and Fun

Explore Phil McAndrew’s incredible illustrations, from his colorful and whimsical characters to his beautifully detailed landscapes. See how he brings stories to life through his unique style and attention to detail. You might even recognize some of his work from popular publications like The New Yorker and MAD Magazine!

Behind the Art

Find out what Phil McAndrew likes to do when he’s not creating amazing illustrations! Learn about his hobbies, from digging around in his garden to playing drums in bands with his friends. Discover how he incorporates his interests into his work and what inspires him to keep creating.

What Parents Say

“OMG! This book is the perfect way to introduce the essence of mindfulness to kids: not by ‘meditating’ but by learning to not take the mind so seriously. Honestly, though, I and a lot of my grown-up students could learn from it too.”
—Jay Michaelson, senior editor, Ten Percent Happier, and author of Enlightenment by Trial and Error

“Todd’s book is ostensibly for kids, but I’m using it for myself. It’s sweet, funny, beautiful, appropriately gross, and perfect for any child struggling with that very loud mind.”
—Mary Stancavage, meditation teacher

“I read books to my children and now my grandchildren. I’ve never come across a book that explains so amusingly, and in terms children can easily understand, that our minds play bad tricks on us. This book helps explain these tricks, providing us with a first step to finding serenity again.”
—Isabella Rossellini, actor

“Pick this up! Todd writes beautifully about brains. Which makes sense—he’s clearly got a brilliant one himself.”
—Alex Edelman, comedian and writer

Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts is about the most useful analogy I’ve ever heard for the relentless brain chatter we all hear. This funny book has exactly the right amount of grossness to keep every eight-year-old mindfully enjoying a book about mindfulness. Don’t let the boogers scare you off; the message is spot on.”
—Michael Ian Black, author and comedian

“Teachers are counseled to speak in the idiom of the people. The salutary effects of metacognition cannot simply be recommended to children: we must speak in the language of farts. I trust this funny/serious book will afford children new insights into their inner life and help them become a little less intimidated by the off-gassing of their brains.”
—Matthew Brensilver, PhD, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, co-author of Teaching Mindfulness to Empower Adolescents

“Knowing images can be powerful teachers, to help everyone in the family take thoughts less seriously and find a little perspective and playfulness around them, Todd Strauss-Schulson came up with surprising analogies. Phil McAndrew was clearly up to the task of making these illustrations unforgettable. Together, they’ll take you on a fun and highly liberating ride!”
—Pascal Auclair, meditation teacher

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